essay: The argument for legalizing prostitution

In the United States, there are serious problems with rape and with sex trafficking, where persons are forced to engage in sex against their will. At the same time, with the criminalization of sex work, many non-violent persons are arrested and placed in prison for many years. This contributes to high rates of incarceration, huge prison budgets that are a waste of taxpayer dollars, and many destroyed and wasted lives. All of these factors combine to make the rate of sexually-transmitted infections higher than in any other economically advanced nation.

In contrast, in Turkey, Peru, and many other countries, there are government-administered houses of prostitution. The reasoning is that, with sex-for-pay readily available, no person can have the excuse that they have to force themselves on another person because they are desperate for sex. With sex-for-hire being readily available, rape or other forcible sexual imposition is severely punished.

In nations where prostitution is legal, it is generally administered under the Ministry of Health, which requires regular health checkups of all employees. This keeps the rate of sexual diseases low.

Sex workers are assigned counselors, who make sure they are enrolled in college, or some kind of technical training. Although some sex workers prefer to do this type of employment for their entire career, the general idea is that sex work is temporary, for young people who are preparing for a career. Students can do their sex work on the side, as they have time, to make money with more time flexibility than in a regular job. The sex work is done only when it does not interfere with their studies and exam periods.

Legalized prostitution makes sure that no person is forced into prostitution against his or her will. It provides a source of income for young women, men and transgender persons, before they have established themselves in a career, and while they are at the height of their sexual prowess. It also serves a public health function by reducing the rates of rape, sexual slavery, and sexual diseases.