Opportunities to Engage

Palm Springs Residential Fellowship

​The William A. Percy Foundation for Social and Historical Studies is pleased to offer a residential fellowship in Palm Springs, California, for scholars at any stage of their career (Ph.D. dissertation writing, sabbatical support, postdoctoral award, independent scholar, or senior scholar levels), or for experienced journalists, filmmakers, or activists. The fellowship consists of free residence in an attractive disabled-accessible apartment next to a large pool and garden behind a private house. Free utilities, use of washer-dryer, one-car parking space, and internet access are provided, plus a $500-1,000 travel / research stipend. The house is located on a quiet street that is two blocks from mountain hiking trails, a shopping center, and a bus line going directly to the city’s LGBT Community Center and to gay restaurants and nightclubs.

Palm Springs is the nation’s largest gay resort and retirement community, with an all-LGBT city council and a relaxed atmosphere. The beautiful mountain and desert scenery and warm climate are conducive to inspired writing. Nearby Palm Springs Public Library, Rancho Mirage Public Library, and College of the Desert Library can be supplemented by the library of the University of California at Riverside, which is an hour away by bus.

There are many libraries in the Los Angeles area (which is two to three hours away by car, bus and train): ONE National LGBT Archives at USC, the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy at UCLA, and the Human Sexuality Collection at California State University Northridge.

The Palm Springs residential fellowship is offered for qualified persons who need a quiet congenial setting to do writing on the topic priorities emphasized on the website of the William A. Percy Foundation (http://www.wapercyfoundation.org). Topics may be in any academic discipline, but special encouragement is given to subjects that will contribute to the growing body of scholarship which questions contemporary punitive approaches to sexual regulation by the state.

What can be learned from the experience of feminist, gay, transgender, and other social change movements, in enacting public policy changes on a political level? What can be learned from the example of diverse cultures, from a multiethnic and transnational perspective?

Fellowship terms are flexible, from two weeks to six months, with possible renewal if more time is requested in writing for completion of the project. Send a CV and letter (up to three pages) to Professor Thomas K. Hubbard (wapfoundation@att.net), describing the proposed project, its social science or public policy implications, the extent of the work that has been done so far, and a timetable for the project’s completion.


Help with our prisoner book project!

In conjunction with the recent move of the Foundation’s office from Austin, Texas, to Chico, California, we seek volunteers to help with the Foundation’s Insiders’ Bookstore project, a resource that sends books and educational materials to incarcerated individuals, mostly from sexual or gender minorities. In turn, inmates agree to fill out detailed questionnaires that provide research data to criminologists, social scientists, and legal scholars working with the Foundation.

Volunteers can assist us in a variety of ways, whether cataloging books donated, processing prisoner correspondence, tabulating survey data, or preparing book orders for shipment.


Guest Opinion Pieces

The William A. Percy Foundation is happy to post guest opinions or reviews of notable books on topics of sexual diversity, rights, law, and history written by qualified scholars, activists, or those who have had contact with the criminal justice system. We offer the option of publishing these writings anonymously as we welcome entries from former incarcerated persons who are legitimately concerned about being targeted by probation or parole officers – as well as submissions representing critical voices among those working within the carceral establishment. These essays – offered in the spirit of sparking discussion – reflect only the views of their authors and not necessarily the opinions or positions of the Percy Foundation or its Board of Directors. If you have a guest editorial, essay, or book review, please send it for consideration by e-mail to wapfoundation@att.net or by mail to our Chico, California, address.